Registration & Accounts

How it work

How do I register on ALGOGENE platform?

There are 2 ways of registration. Firstly get to login page,

  • Email
  • Please head to register new account. By clicking the "Create Account" button and filling in the required information, a new account for the developer portal will be generated after email verification.

  • Social Media
  • By choosing either sign in with GOOGLE/FACEBOOK/..., you will be redirect to sign your social account. A new account will be generated after successful sign in.

How can I activate my account?

If you register using email address, once your account is created, an email containing the initial password will be sent to your registered email account. Please go to login page and input the initial password in order to activate your account.

Alternatively, if you register via social media accounts, ALGOGENE system will automaticelly activate the account and validate your personal identity.

How do I edit my user profile?

When your account is activated, you can go to [Settings] page to edit your account information. For security concern, each time when you make an update, you will receive a One-Time-Pass (OTP) from your registred email. Please get the OTP and input in the verification box to make the change effective.

Who can access ALGOGENE Research Lab?

ALGOGENE Research Lab are generally available and open to all public users upon registration. In case of any violation to the terms of use, ALGOGENE might black-list the user from accessing the platform.

What can I do when the account is locked?

Your account will be temporarily suspended after 5 failed login attempts. To restore a suspended account, you can either retry after 30 minutes, or please head to the login page and click the "Forgot Your Password" button. Follow all the steps to reset a new password.

What can I do when the password is forgotten?

You may click the "Forgot Your Password" button, which is located on the login page. If you need further assistance, please contact us