Guideline to publish your dataset on Data Marketplace

How it work

This article addresses some frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to ALGOGENE Data Marketplace, and provides step-by-step guidance for developers how to publish your research datasets.

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What is ALGOGENE Data Marketplace?

We believe in a collaborative open data that could create larger social benefits. ALGOGENE Data Marketplace showcases a variety of research datasets contributed by our community users. Supported by ALGOGENE's secure infrastructure and connectivity, it enables data scientists and business intelligence to get access for research and development in different areas.

What are the benefits to publish/subscribe on Data Marketplace?

As a Data provider, you can benefit from:

  • feasible to define your revenue model
  • scale to global audience as a distribution channel
  • speed up commericalization from well established infrastructure

On the other hand, for Data consumers, it helps you to

  • reduce the time in data sourcing and accelerate your research journey
  • access to proprietary datasets that is not publicly available
  • broaden your development and trial scope
  • fast integration to your system
  • cost saving to launch/prototype your project

Who are eligible to publish Data?

We emphasize community collaboration. Therefore, both individuals and institutions are welcome to publish your own datasets.

How the Data are managed on ALGOGENE Data Marketplace?

ALGOGENE provides common and transparent data centric environments for data, algorithms and knowledge sharing between industries, developers, researchers while protecting IP ownership and privacy.

How many Data can I publish or subscribe?

There is no limitation. You can publish/subscribe as many Data as you want.

How much revenue can I get for publishing my Data?

You have the feasibility to determine the price of your Data. It will be quoted in a certain Hong Kong Dollar for each download of your Data.

i.e. HK$ P / download

When you list your application, the price P will be determined by you.

When and how will I get the revenue when someone download my Data?

Stripe is our payment agent to send the money to you. To receive your entitled revenue, you will need to firstly register your bank account information under [Settings] > [My Wallet] > [Wallet Connection] > "Create Stripe".


When someone download your Data, the revenue will firstly deposited to your ALGOGENE Wallet. You can check the balance under [Settings] > [My Wallet] > [Wallet Balance].

  • Withdrawal can be done as long as the wallet balance reaches at least HK$800.
  • There will be 15% of your Data revenue splited to ALGOGENE for system infrastructure setup and maintenance.

How to publish a new Data?

Suppose we have some data files in a local machine, which can be in any file formats such as ZIP, CSV, TXT, XLSX.


Now, we can publish the Data as follows:

  • Login ALGOGENE platform
  • Go to [My History] > [Custom File Viewer]
  • Upload the local folder "dataset1" under /data
  • Hightlight "dataset1" and click the "Publish" icon
  • data3

  • Specify your desired "Reward", the Data's name and description, then "Submit"
  • data4

  • ALGOGENE team will take a couple of days to evaluate the quality of your Data. Once the Data is approved. It will be available on ALGOGENE Data Marketplace. Alternatively, you can check all your published datasets under [Settings] > [Algo Marketplace] > [Algo Creator] > [My Published Algo/ Apps/ Datasets]

  • data5

  • Now, click "Show details" in the dropdown
  • data6

  • You can click the "pencil" icon to update your Data description, eg. what files are available in your datasets.
  • data7

  • The technical document will automatically be generated to inform users how to call/download your Data

  • data8

How to de-list my Data?

You also reserve the right to de-list any of your published Data.

  • Go to [Settings] > [Algo Marketplace] > [Algo Creator] > [My Published Algo/ Apps/ Datasets]
  • Click "Delist from Marketplace" in dropdown

How to subscribe a new Data?

ALGOGENE adopts a "Pay-as-you-go" model which requires you to top-up your wallet balance first. Every time when you call the Data API, it will charge automatically from your wallet.

  • Explore available Data from ALGOGENE Data Marketplace
  • If your wallet has sufficient balance, you can follow the technical document directly to make an API call to use it on the way.
  • Otherwise, go to an Data page, click "Subscribe" button to top-up your wallet first
  • data13