Hojin Yun

Usage of Instruments Other than Crypto for Algo-Trading Crypto Challenge Competition


Hello, I am currently trying to implement our teams' strategy on the backtesting platform. However, I tried to use other instruments such as gold price, but it seems I can only select Crypto data. I have tried using another account not associated with the competition, and I can choose such instruments. Is this competition supposed to only use the crypto data or am I making some kin of mistake with the settings or something?

It would be very helpful if you could help. Thank you so much.
Hi Hojin, the instrument dropdown represents the list of available trading products. 
As a contestor, you will only see a list of crypto currencies. 

To access non-crypto data, you can use the API function getHistoricalBar :
Suppose we choose "BTCUSD" in the instrucment list, and want to query SP500 index data (i.e. SPXUSD). We can do it as follows: