Algo Live Testing

How it work

What is Algo Live Testing?

Algo Live Testing allows you to quickly execute your Trading Strategy to a set of broker's demo account before you go live. The demo account will be able to process the whole trade life cycle, including data feed, order routing, market slippage, transaction cost and so on, as in production environment, so you can ensure your Algorithmic Strategy is working as expected.

We highly suggested you to go through the Live Testing before deploying to production. This allows you to discover logical bugs, improve quality, increase stability and optimize the performance before you push your Trading Strategy live.

What does Algo Live Testing include?

Algo Live Testing provides the integration with broker's Trial Account Service, which support real time execution on your broker trial accounts. Without code convertion, you can immediately deploy your strategy from Backtest to Live Testing.

Algo Live Testing also provides broker demo account management. Easily define the list of demo accounts you want to be able to test your Trading Strategy. You don't need to care about the broker's connection protocol of who you have connected to test your Strategy. ALGOGENE takes care of the complexity of ensuring that only the demo account you defined are the one that are executing the Strategy.

Algo Live Testing also support on-demand Strategy execution, which provides the feasibility to update/stop existing Algo programs, or to open/close particular positions due to manual judgement.

Are demo accounts provided by me or by ALGOGENE?

The broker demo accounts are suggested to be provided by you, so that you can experience the operation flow for real trading deployment. In general, the work flow to connect to your personal security account will be as follows.


If you don't have one, ALGOGENE also provide dummy accounts for you. The details can be referred to the article "Paper Trade with ALGOGENE Live Simulator".

Which trading brokers can I use?

You can refer to these posts for the available brokers. It will walk you through the connection steps.

Can I run multiple Strategy in a single broker demo account?

No. Each ALGOGENE sub-account is bundled with one broker account.

On the other hand, for many broker, you can create mulitple sub-account; hence, you can run different Strategy on different broker account.

Can I run the same Strategy on different broker demo account?

Yes. Same rationale as above.

Which devices does Algo Live Testing support?

Algo Live Testing supports all common devices (Desktop, Laptop, or mobile) that has browser installed. This included but not limited to Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft Edge, Chrome, FireFox, Safari.

Which APIs can I test with Algo Live Testing?

You can test your Trading Strategy with all ALGOGENE APIs. See the full list of APIs in 'TechDoc' page.

Is there a limit to the number of demo accounts that can be used in a test?

No. There are no limitation. You can test on any number of demo accounts as long as you provided the account connectinon setting.

Is my test confidential?

Yes. Your source code and testing results are encrypted in the server, and it would be viewable to you only.

How much does Algo Live Testing cost?

Please refer to 'Services' page for details.