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Futures on Interactive Brokers

Is it possible to trade futures on Interactive Brokers through Algogene? I want to set up some TV webhooks for a few strategies I've developed but it appears that it may not be poss ...


一文看懂 Web 3.0

近年, 元宇宙、區塊鏈、NFT、加密貨幣、去中心化等科技概念討論熱度越來越高。 而提及元宇宙, 其中一個必不可少的概念就是 Web 3.0。 不少學者和資訊科技工作者都認為, Web 3.0將會是一場前所未有的科技革命, 在未來能夠為人們的生活帶來更多便利。 今天馬上為大家介紹這Web 3.0 到底會帶來怎樣的革新! 互聯網的歷史 簡單來說, Web 3.0 就是第三代互聯網。 顧名思義, 在Web 3.0之前自然先有Web 1.0和Web 2.0的存在。 ...

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Close price vs Adjusted Close

For the Adjusted Close in Yahoo Finance, I know that it adjusts the Closing price in order to smooth out the effect of stock dividends, stock split, etc. However, I don't find any documentation h ...