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ALGOGENE is a leading One-Stop Algo-Trading platform in Asia for learning, developing, testing and executing quantitative investment strategy. We are also a data driven investment company, leveraging information and computational advantages of Big Data and AI for algorithmic trading.

Did you admire achieving stable capital growth like other financial giants doing? Have you thought of letting robots work for you all the days? At ALGOGENE, it won't be a dream! Here we are redefining the future of financial world! With a simple data architecture and shared trading infrastructure, we believe everyone will have their own Robotic Asset Managers.


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ALGOGENE is a one-stop Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider for wealth management solutions. We provide all-round supports for algorithmic trading and bring an institutional graded investment process to everyone.

We provide tick level multi-asset, multi-event data for model development, backtesting, live simulation, portfolio analytics and risk monitoring. Through our global exchange network, you can easily manage and deploy your trading strategies to multiple broker accounts. We also incubate outstanding trading algorithms by providing seed funding for pilot test and building track record on path to launch a hedge fund or fintech product with you.

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Plan the Trade, then Trade the Plan

Many traders struggle for consistency because they fail to follow pre-defined rules and may not be confident with their strategies. ALGOGENE helps you to develop, plan and test your strategy before committing real money.

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Use Math to Play against God's Creatures

Many successful trading strategies are nothing but discovering the economic or statistical relationship among financial instruments.

Whether you have been taught with a set of trading rules or quantitative models, you probably want to see how it performs over different markets and time horizons. From ALGOGENE, you can apply, study, test, and prove it, which can help increase your confidence to succeed in real market.

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Automate Your Trading Strategies

Human beings have many limitations likes emotions, health, timeliness and accuracy of execution, processing time to digest massive information, etc.

ALGOGENE takes your trading to the next level, enabling you to explore more trading opportunity in different markets and to fully automate and execute your strategy in 24x7.

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Powerful Patented Algo Engine

Big Data

In-depth research with 20+ years of tick level market history


Real transactional data from various brokers and exchanges

Global Market

Build portfolio from multi-assets of commodity, crypto, equities, forex, etc

Alternative Data

Explore new spectrum of trading strategy with news, weather, social media data, etc

Cloud Compute

Conveniently test out your trading ideas anytime and anywhere

Portfolio Backtest

Event architecture to simulate full portfolio of any strategies you can imagine


Easily plug-in and configure with your own data sources and external models

Quant Model

Choose from a variety of ready-to-use quant models and python library

Report Analytics

Development logs and version control with detailed performance analysis

Privacy & Security

Your data is hosted on secure servers with robust encryption and access control


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